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WhatsApp Marketing Web Based Panel

According to several marketing studies, WhatsApp Marketing is one of the most successful strategies now a day. Since in this 21st century. It is very important intelligent communication with the potential client in the new media that arise.

Today, the growth and penetration of the WhatsApp application in mobile phones or smartphones across the Globe is already 90%. WhatsApp messaging application has already reached 900 million active users worldwide. Innovative mass marketing strategies via WhatsApp allow businesses to send 1000 characters per message, along with images or videos, making this application a successful.

We provide a complete user-friendly web-based solution for WhatsApp marketing. You just require a PC and good internet connection, the rest part is taken care of by our software solution. Our company sets you to an authentic platform for making your marketing campaigns upgrade to next level. We provide the facility of limitless Sender support and you can also send limitless messages on a daily basis. We also offer audio and video support and our success rate for delivery is 100 percent. You can go on sending messages everywhere around the globe with no restriction for the place.

The first mass mailing platform via whatsapp; WhatsApp Marketing offers the possibility to send campaigns with your contact lists / mobile phones of your potential clients and send massive text messages, images, videos and texts to an unlimited number of recipients.

Increase your potential customers or retain them in a smart, successful and modern way.

Purchase credits and start sending massive messages via WhatsApp!

About Our Online Panel

It’s a web-based bulk WhatsApp marketing panel connected with multiple server and it does not required any kind of system configuration. It does not required any license. It works on per credit basis. The messages are being sent to every individual contacts. No need to worry about the channel blockage and technologies.

WhatsApp Web-Panel - You can send message to users individually only and very fast. This Web Panel has unlimited validity.

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BPO-E-GROUP provide platform for mass mailing of messages via WhatsApp, by means of message diffusion with texts, photos or videos. Only with our mass mailing platform: WhatsApp Marketing, you can create contact lists in various groups of users and potential customers